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Lead-free tinning of wire-ends

Based on the EU Policy 2002/95/EG, only lead-free solders may be used after 1 July 2006. This is also valid for Switzerland. This measure – to protect our environment and planet – is a worldwide effort and not just done in Europe. Companies who currently invest in new tinning techniques must therefore consider these new demands.

New alloys are necessary which unfortunately have a higher melting point (about 30° hotter). It is a fact that lead-free tin is very aggressive towards stainless steels like V2 and V4 and corrodes these rather quickly. 2mm sheet-metal can have its first hole in as little as 500 hours.
For this reason TINTEC GmbH offers a new tinning-station. The tub is made of a harder, very special steel and has a tough protective coating. In addition this unit is, just as is the fluxing station, equipped with an adjustable stop-plate which ensures accurate repetitions of the dipping-depth.

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Flux Station TT 31              Tinning Station TT 41              Tinning Station FA 400 LF

Flux Station TT 31

TT 31 A TT 31 B

The Flux-Station Model TT 31 was developed as a bench-top unit and, due to its handy design, can be installed and ready on any workbench within minutes. The flux-container and the pump are built into a stable enclosure which protects them from impact and damage. The mains switch for the pump is mounted into this enclosure and is easily accessed.

The Technical Novelty:

The flux bath is equipped with an adjustable plate which serves as a stop for a constantly repeatable accurate flux depth. This stop-plate can be adjusted to any flux depth from 1 to 30 mm. Using the integrated spindle with a millimetre display, the operator can set up the flux bath for a new depth within seconds.

The Essential Advantage:

The constantly repeatable flux depth ensures a much more accurate manual tinning !
The stop-plate increases production by more than 30% !


The Fluxbath Station TT 31 returns on your investment in about 3 months !

Technical Data:
Max. pump-height:

230 V, 50/60 Hz
10 W
5 litres
1,5 m
1 – 30 mm
Dipping-depth in 0,1 mm

L 40 x W 50 mm
L 150 x W 100 x H 140 mm
L 380 x W 220 x H 550 mm

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Tinning Station TT 41

TT 41 A The Tinning-Station TT 41 is built for manual dip-tinning on a benchtop working place. Of course it has a tub for lead-free tin.

The station is equipped with an adjustable plate which serves as a stop for an accurately repeatable tinning-length for wire-ends. This stop-plate can be adjusted to any depth from 0 – 25 mm. Turning the integrated spindle with a millimetre display, the operator can set up the station for a new dipping-depth within seconds.

The actual tinning-space is in the front 40 mm of the tub. The dross is moved to the back of the tub using the included hand-spade where there is plenty of room for it (70% of the tub).
When adjusted to shallow depths (< 4 mm) it's necessary to move the stop-plate down when removing the dross. This is done by pulling the lever towards you while gently pushing the dross to the back.

For the periodical tub cleaning, which is done about every two days, the stop-plate can be swiveled up and well out of the way. The whole inner tub is then easily accessed because the heating-element and the sensor are mounted on the outside.

Combined with the TT 31 Flux-Station, which is also equipped with a stop-plate, one can achieve an extremely fast and accurate production.

Never before with dip-tinning of single and multiple wires (in a bundle) could such accurate tinning-lengths be achieved as with this device-combination !

For more information please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We are happy to receive your enquiry.

Technical Data:
Max. temperature:
230 V, 50/60 Hz
1.6 A
200 – 360 W (temperature-dependant)
0.181 litres
20 minutes  (up to 280 °C)
380 °C
PID  (solid state switching)
Preset & actual temperature, dipping-depth
L 320 x W 130 x H 170 mm
56 mm

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Tinning Station FA 400 LF

FA 400 LF The production and distribution of the FA 400 LF is taken over starting 1st of June 2010 by:
Schaefer Megomat AG
Chollerstrasse 23
CH-6300 Zug
Tel. +41 (0)41 748 58 60
FAX +41 (0)41 748 58 01

Dip wave unit for all leadfree tin alloys, including a tub cover and one wave nozzle for a desired application.
The device was developed especially for integration into automatic processing machines for the cable industry and achieves an evenly repeatable tinning by means of a constant wave level control.

Controller Panel:

The following items and controls are present:
- Illuminated mains switch
- Mains fuse for the heating elements
- Mains fuse for the motor and controller
- Digital preselection and display of the temperature
- Switch motor on / off
- LED heating elements powered
- LED Ready signal
- LED Alarm signal
- 4-Pin XLR connector for the Ready and Alarm signal

Interface Outputs:

The signals Ready and Alarm can be connected to PNP and NPN controller inputs. These outputs are two seperate optically insulated transistor switches. Due to the integrated clamping diodes, even magnet coils can be switched directly.

1. Ready;  This output on means:
a) Selected temperature is reached
b) Motor is running
c) Wave level is reached
In other words: Device is ready for production.

2. Alarm;  This output on means:
Tin amount in tub is not sufficient to maintain the wave level.
90 seconds time to refill, or else the Ready signal will turn off.

Technical Data:
Max. temperature:
230 V, 50/60 Hz
5 A
600 – 1100 W (temperature-dependant)
0.7 litres (7 kg)
25 minutes  (up to 280 °C)
450 °C
100% solid state, plug-inserted, maintenance-friendly
Preset & actual temperature, Heating, Ready, Alarm
Insulated Darlington transistors, max. 35 V, 500 mA per output
L 530 x W 120 x H 405 mm
60 mm

FA 400 N  Conversion Kit

We offer a conversion kit for older FA 400 N models. These can be equipped with new parts to make them suitable for lead-free tinning.

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